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Joe Lynam is a respected broadcaster and moderator who was the BBC’s senior Business Correspondent for a decade.  He now presents the current affairs show ‘The Newsroom’ on the BBC World Service.  

Joe has won many awards for his original journalism including the 2018 Headline Money Award for his BBC One exposé of how RBS (GRG) treated many of its own business customers.  Joe was also the first to broadcast on Radio 4 a phone fraud (Vishing) in almost real time as an elderly lady unwittingly handed over her life savings to fraudsters. For that, he won the Wincott prize for Journalism in 2016.

Joe has travelled the world with the BBC covering the financial crisis (2007-2010), followed by the Eurozone crisis (2010-2013) and more recently the economic and political fallout from the Brexit referendum. 

He has presented on the Today programme, Newsnight, BBC One Breakfast as well as  Five Live and the BBC News Channel.

Joe took a mini career break to tackle the scourge of Disinformation.  He learned the methods used by local and foreign ‘bad actors’ in spreading deliberately false information - known to some as ‘fake news’.  He co-authored the Action Plan against Disinformation.  

Joe LYNAM, BBC Presenter Host & Conference Moderator

We need global standards to share product information throughout the value chain. And in this era of Digitization and Machine Learning we need even more strict standards to let algorithms and rules do the work. That is why we need ETIM, the standard format to share product data. Learn more about how ETIM can support your business.

an JANSE, President ETIM-International “Digital Standards”

For over 20 years intraPLAN has stood for conceptual planning in the building materials trade. As managing director I advise owners in the area of location planning with future-oriented logistics solutions. In addition to new construction and conversion planning, this can also include extensions or detailed logistical planning. 

In my presentation, I will use the example of Materiaux PLUS SA to show how optimal logistical planning, in close cooperation with the customer, has resulted in a sustainable building materials business.

I’d be very happy to share with your members the scope of what EuroCommerce does for the wholesale and retail sector, and some of the issues we are expecting to face with the new Commission from November..

Circular packaging an economic and sustainable necessity for companies with a vision of the future. Until 2017, very large quantities of packaging waste went to the Far East for recycling. Due to fraudulent practices in the region, one country after another prohibits the import of these waste streams. 

This year Valipac has demonstrated in a project with Wienerberger, Total, Rymoplast (recycler), Oerlemans Packaging, Fema and the waste collectors that the circular story works and is also economically viable. This team has succeeded in turning plastic waste from packaging on construction sites into new, equally high-quality shrink hoods for pallets with bricks of Wienerberger. As a result of this demonstration project, the next challenge is to convince as many building material manufacturers as possible to use these circular packaging and thus develop a European recycling industry for plastic films.  


At the special request of our President John Newcomb, Ufemat is supporting UNICEF as our Charity Partner at this year’s Conference.


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Joe LYNAM, BBC Presenter Host & Conference Moderator

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